Meet Stephen Geri

Stephen Geri is the Managing General Agent at DEBS Insurance and a passionate philanthropist. Look around to learn more about Stephen.


Hobbies and Interests

Outside of DEBS and the insurance business, Stephen has several passions and pastimes. He is a longtime athlete, having played competitive baseball, golf, ping pong, and semi-professional tennis. Stephen is an avid fisherman and loves spending his spare time on his boat with his grandchildren.

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Stephen Geri and DEBS

Stephen Geri is the Managing General Agent and founder of Diversified Employee Benefit Services, LLC. Located in San Antonio, DEBS is a leader in the field of custom health insurance and benefits packages for businesses of all sizes.

Stephen has over six decades of experience in the insurance industry. Starting his career with a brief stint in life insurance, he was quickly drawn to health insurance. Building health insurance and benefits packages for his clientele has allowed Stephen to make a career out of his lifelong desire to help people and encourage them to focus on personal wellness.

Stephen Geri and the entire DEBS team are committed to service above all else. He and his experienced team encourage all of their clients to call them for a personal consultation before making any major health insurance or benefits related decisions. In addition to the DEBS commitment to service, they also pride themselves on acting as the translator between the insurance providers and regular people. Benefits and insurance packages can be incredibly complex and nuanced but Stephen and the team work tirelessly to make sure their clients know exactly what their coverage provides in terms they can easily understand.

Stephen Geri: A Life of Service

Stephen has spent his life working with people who have experienced great suffering and those who are less fortunate.  Through ACTS Missions of San Antonio, Stephen works to guide the lonely and downtrodden back to the path of a meaningful life and the salvation of Jesus Christ.

In addition to his work with ACTS, Stephen is also active with various charities and organizations such as the Glazier Foods Christmas Bike Drive, the Girl Scouts of America, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of San Antonio, the Texas Rodeo Association and their charities, The Pregnancy Center of San Antonio, Khaki and Plaid Catholic Fundraiser, and others.

You can visit Stephen’s philanthropy site to learn more about his history of service and the causes that are close to his heart.