After Hurricane Harvey: How San Antonio Has Come Together

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Although San Antonio sits about a 3 hour drive from Houston, Texas, San Antonio was still in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Devastating thousands of Americans stretching from Houston all the way to Louisiana, the State of Texas has never seen higher floods or more damage than brought from Harvey’s madness. Some areas of Texas had more than 50 inches of rain, putting entire cities underwater.

Due to the hurricane, San Antonio came together with the rest of it’s state. San Antonio prepared for evacuees and handling the effects Harvey would have on the rest of the state. Incredible photos were collected to show the massive amount of devastation seen across multiple Texas cities during and after the hurricane.

In the aftermath of this natural disaster caused devastation, both Houston and other Texas cities face an immense amount of hurdles to overcome as far as recovering their homes, cars, personal items, and even their jobs and careers. Churches, businesses and other buildings also experienced extreme flooding and damage.

Prior to Harvey hitting land, San Antonio made round 1 preparations, preparing for worst case scenario flooding. Although San Antonio was lucky without much flooding, they did have to prepare for round 2 – evacuees seeking shelter from locations that saw some of the worst flooding and damage. Thousands were left stranded without electricity, without food, without shelter or even a vehicle.

One news article shared how a shelter in San Antonio opened its doors to nearly 1,000 evacuees from Houston. A large concern for Texas right now is housing for those displaced or unable to return to their homes due to damage and flooding.

The total number of those displaced across Texas and Louisiana was last counted at around 13 million, leaving nearly 50 counties under water. Additionally, San Antonio collected troops together, sending them to Houston for hurricane relief. Water, ice, food and other supplies were in high demand for items being sent to Houston. The city of San Antonio sent a total of 30 police officers to Houston to help with rescue. The officers were all volunteer that faced a very unique assignment – helping a city after disaster has struck.

Now that Harvey is about two weeks in the past, Houston faces steps to recovery and regaining normalcy. Citizens are rebuilding their homes and their lives, while others managed to get away with little flooding or even no damage at all. While some citizens have to make daily treks but flat-bottomed boats and canoes to check on their homes, others are making it through recovery.

As the state of Texas is in the process of healing and recovery, it’s safe to say that Texas has come together as a community in order to help each other heal.

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