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There’s no questioning that Stephen Geri is an outdoorsman. Sharing his thoughts and expertise on fishing and sports, his blog focus on those general topics. Today, Stephen is bringing the outdoors topic to his blog all about San Antonio. Here’s his mashup of two niches into one, the best fishing spots in San Antonio, Texas.

It’s not hard to find a good fishing spot in Texas. From the Gulf of Mexico to the wide array of lakes to choose from  you’re bound to find your new fishing hole in San Antonio. No matter if you’re a local or in town for a visit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the fishing here. To ensure you’re fishing fair, make sure you know the rules and regulations for the area you choose. You can check that through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Having the motto “Neighborhood Fishing Fun Reel Close to Home”, they’ve got fishermen covered.

Brackenridge Park | Running through Brackenridge Park, the Texas River offers great freshwater fishing. Longear sunfish, perch, stocked trout, and more fish swim through here. Occasionally you can even find a few turtles. Keep an eye out for snapping turtles, including the alligator snapping turtle which is a common way fishermen snap their lines here. Although Brackenridge is a stocked park, you still run into the critters that call this place their home. Another perk to fishing here is that you’re in a beautiful park, surrounded by plenty of other outdoor activities.

Converse North Park City Lake | Stocked yearly by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Converse North Park City Lake is a great spot for fishermen looking to catch fish such as catfish, bluegill, and more. Although some spots in this lake have regulations on harvesting, it’s still a great recreational location to fish in San Antonio.

Live Oak Park | A family oriented park, Live Oak Park is great for all aged freshwater fishermen. Junior Fishing Day is a great way for parents who love to fish to teach their junior children the best skills they need for the sport. If you’re looking for activities for the whole family while you throw a line in the water, Live Oak is a great place.

Medina River Natural Area | For those fishermen looking for a more secluded fishing hole, Medina River Natural Area is the place to go. While this is also a hot spot for bike riders and other outdoor lovers, it’s a fantastic spot for fishing. With over 511 acres on this property, you can find a nice place to rest and relax while you’re waiting to hook the next fish.

While these are only a few of the many areas to fish in San Antonio, every fisherman has his/her preference. If you are a local, what are some of your favorite spots to fish in San Antonio, Texas?

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