DEBS: Who Are We?

Diversified Employee Benefit Services

Stephen Geri, MGA, has been a licensed life and health agent since 1969. Mr. Geri has over 44 years of experience in Employee Benefit Design, Implementation and Service.  Diversified Employee Benefit Services, LLC, (DEBS) is the “Employee Benefit Specialist.” DEBS only contracts with top insurance carriers.Logo of DEBS Insurance

Diversified’s experience in Employee Benefits Management is unique in today’s benefit agencies. We insure medical, business and federal communities with employees up to 32,000. DEBS’ marketing involves small groups from 2-99 and large groups from 100+ employees. At DEBS, we believe all Americans deserve quality benefits from a dedicated service oriented agency. Our staff is experienced in utilizing the latest technology, encryption software, online enrollment and telephone technology with ADA compliance.  Diversified’s strength lies in understanding the client’s needs, a team approach, and our experience in dealing with carriers. Our management consistently places emphasis on controlling cost, product, service, and quality. We are team oriented, but direct and pragmatic when it comes to managing and solving problems. Diversified believes in “designed competition between carriers.” We are licensed in most states.

Stephen Geri takes pride in his staff. DEBS service team is a great group of people that have the dedication and desire to succeed, just as Stephen Geri has his entire life.  The President of DEBS is Mr. Geri’s  lovely wife Karen Lee Geri.  Mrs. Geri has been a licensed life and health agent for 20 years. Both Karen and Stephen share the same desire to provide companies with quality group medical benefits. Afton Smith, Vice President of DEBS, is a valuable key player on the DEBS team.  She is a delight to work with and has been dedicated to the insurance field for 8 years.

When calling DEBS expect personal service.  Whether you are calling to speak with Stephen, Karen, Afton, or a sales representative, rest assured you are speaking with a professional who is there to answer your questions and solve any problems.

Besides being insurance specialists, DEBS staff members are friendly, outgoing, and family oriented people.  At DEBS, we are family.