Statement from Stephen

A horrible tragedy struck my family unit on Feb. 14th 1986. My wife was brutally murdered by multiple persons using multiple guns. I thank God every day that our Daughter was not a victim as well.
For years, I have suffered innuendos and insinuations regarding what happened without these people having any common knowledge.
The truth is no one knows, Fort Bend sheriff’s office has reviewed every scenario over the last 30 years without a clue as to how this happened.

The law suit came about because of a selfish unheralded individual trying to impress a family member. Many folks look at a website which makes statements that are taken out of context by her family and/or listen to other folks that have no knowledge as to what happened. If they did have any real knowledge, I would hope that they would please contact the Texas Rangers or Fort Bend county cold case department.

I would like to disclose something that has never been disclosed until now:

“..At the hearing to distribution of the Life Insurance proceeds, I told the judge I wanted to donate the entire amount to The American Heart Association”. This is documented by court records.

Unsolved mysteries did not present the video correctly, and I never signed a release. The service selling this video operates below the line of integrity. It is full of lies & private interpretations. No truth.