Things to Love About the Lone Star State

The old cliche is true. God certainly did bless Texas. If you’re traveling to Texas, it’s a great idea to brush up on some of the favorites the state holds near and dear to its heart. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Lone Star state’s best offerings.

The Sky

The vast Texas sky is something to behold. From endless blue summer hues to dazzling sunsets over the Texas range, the Texas sky offers something for everyone.


The official state flower of Texas signals the beginning of spring with its array of vibrant blues to deep purples. But you have to act fast if you want to catch these beauties in bloom. They leave almost as quickly as they arrive, making way for the heat of a Texas summer.

Pecos Rodeo

In a state known for its share of rodeo extravaganzas, the venerable Pecos Rodeo outshines them all with its storied tradition and annual rodeo parade. No place in the country displays the spirit of true Americana quite like Pecos during rodeo weekend.


Where do we start? From Texas-style barbeque to Tex-Mex to fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, nobody does eclectic food quite like this state. Foodies can delight in the upscale offerings in Houston or Dallas or the trendy hipster joints in Austin, while down-home cooking aficionados can find something to love on every street corner.


Deserving of its own category is the delicious cheese sauce that Texans claim as their own invention by slathering it on everything that touches their lips.

Texas Ranches

Bigger is better when it comes to Texas ranches. Clocking in at over 800,000 acres is King Ranch, boasting the title of the largest ranch in the state. Visitors delight in the daily tours, offering a close-up look at the ranching industry as well as the majesty of the South Texas plains and its wildlife and fauna.


Known for their unique brand of collective personality, nobody can ever accuse Texans of not being friendly. From loud laughs to over-the-top politeness, Texans excel at making everyone feel like family.


Nobody does football like Texas. Nobody. And not just professional and college football. Texas coined the term “Friday Night Lights” because of its long-standing love affair with high school football.

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